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Tom McNab has written three best-selling novels. “Flanagan’s Run” has been translated into 16 languages, and will be produced as a film by Quentin Tarantino and Harvey Weinstein. He has written radio and stage plays, the most recent of which “1936”, will have a London run in 2010.

The Arts Lecture Series
(1) Creative Writing – a Practical Guide
(2) The Docu-drama – a practical approach
(3) The Making of “Chariots of Fire”
(4) “1936”– play and workshop
(5) Film in Sport


Flanagan’s Run
“Absolutely absorbing – a robust, uncomplicated yarn calculated to appeal.”
The Times


“The success of ‘Chariots of Fire’would have been impossible without the contribution of Tom McNab.”
Colin Welland, screenwriter of ‘Chariots if Fire.’


“The children loved the opportunity to act out sequences of your “1936” play.”
Dover Girls Grammar School

“Marvellous. The children came out of your lecture on creative writing buzzing with enthusiasm.”
Verulam School.